Chauvet Slimpar Q12

Chauvet Slimpar Q12

SlimPAR Q12 USB is a low-profile, high-output quad-color (RGBA) LED wash light with D-Fi USB for instant wireless connectivity. It is controllable via master/slave, DMX, standalone modes or the point-and-shoot remote. SlimPAR Q12 USB creates natural-looking color temperatures thanks to punchy amber LEDs. Its flicker free operation makes it well-suited for video productions. With no moving parts, the fixture is ideal for applications where silence is essential
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Quick Specs:

Source: LED (12x 4w RGBA)

Power (Max): 44w

Weight: 2.2kg

IP Rating: IP20 (not weatherproof)

DMX Modes (Channels):

4ch (4)

9ch (9)


User Manual

DMX Chart


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